Michel Martelly thugs are violating Vienna Convention on Road Traffic

Highway Observer - March 15 2012, 6:32 AM

Michel Martelly's family, relatives, friends, associates, acquaintances, milice rose or armed gang or death squad, and from near or far are using illegally Haitian police emergency lights which are bright incandescent blue and red Rotating Beacon Light to bypass traffic code on the street and highways in Haiti.

When such actions take place on the street or highway other vehicles follow those outlaw vehicles which usually end up in road fatalities.

They are using the blue and red light to give them right a way over all the other vehicles on the road for the wrong reasons such as chasing women, make narcotics delivery, to go home, to go the restaurant, to go to market or super market, to go to dancing, cafe,or to kill their political opponents etc which has nothing to do with emergency situation even if they were legally authorised to carry those gyrating blue and red light in their cars. Therefore, Michel Martelly thugs are creating a state of disorder on the highways and byways in Haiti.

Michel Martelly milice rose or armed gang or death squad are road hazards and a blatant menace to public law and orders in Haiti.

The bright incandescent blue and red Rotating Beacon Light belong to the Haitian police for police work

Refers to :Vienna Convention on Road Traffic on wikipedia

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Lucienne says...

Many Haitian from the diaspora that visited Haiti have similar complaint regarding this lawless and anarchy perpetrated by Martelly group. We want... more »

Lomini says...

What we can expect from a jailbird, a vagabond,a depraved person? He and his friends have no respect for the laws more »