The guys are not really smart, the same senate'thieves and...

Patrick Princivil - March 14 2012, 3:51 PM

The guys are not really smart, the same senate'thieves and whatever, who rob Haiti for many years are in the parliament of Port au Prince to reject our approve good people, it doesn't make any since to me. Because they can't steal anymore, that's why they attack President Martelly with a crappy passport.

For sure, if Laurent Lamorthe don't negotiate under the table with them, they will reject him; if they can't fail him, they will try to find a way to accuse him in something.

The funny thing is: no body in the white house of the Unite States or in the US government try to mess up President Obbama to kick him out before his 4 years, I know clear because he support by the majority of white people.

Even thou sometimes Presidents resign by themselves; that way it works in Canada too. Black people in that government's curse of Haiti don't know any better, just fighting for position, fighting for money; I spent time in Alberta and Vancouver-Canada.

All the other nations try to find a way to make life easy, even thou thing don't go well sometime.

even thou a five percent of nation of Haiti go to school, but they don't have any formation.

They don't know anything about custom representative.

Sometime we came to put money in their pockets, but the way I saw horns in their faces, if I had another choice, I will run away. They need a proper formation.

They need help, the funny thing is: other Presidents was accused by the poor people of Haiti: they had connection with other corrupt countries to drop cocaine and other drugs in the forest of the province of Haiti and stealing children in the hospitals of Haiti to sacrifice to Satan and the bad angels.

They was shut off, because the corruption was good for them. If God in heaven gave that power to me, I would beat these senators, even thou they die, I would keep beating the dead bodies.

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