I am not about debating the issues. If you read the March 29...

Rev. Sydoine Jeannite - March 12 2012, 5:50 AM

I am not about debating the issues.

If you read the March 29 1987 Constitution publication pp 4 and 5, Articles10-15 you would not have made your utterances about articles 11 and 135.
I have the constitution before me as I type this response and the above montioned articles spell it and make it abundantly clear and unambiguous in relation to the rules and principles as it relaates to Haitian Nationality, how it is determined by the law of the land of Haiti.

The articles tell you how the nationality is obeained and how it is lost. For any haitian born according to Article 13 (a) you loose your Haitian Nationality once become naturalized or obtained the naturalization of a foreign country.

However you can regain it by going back and reside in Haiti for five years.

My brothers and sisters, I am 100% Haitian, I was born in Gonaives, received my primary education and secondary up to 3rd form in Gonaives, I was sent to Port-au-Prince to complete my secondary education.

I completed my Bac II in 1989 while I contributed to my beloved country by teaching there and attended Bolosse and Andre Larroche Acoounting School.

I have been involved in the country and though I live, study and work abroad I never lost touch with Haiti.

I am there three to four timess a year and I have made significant financial, social and educational contribution to my belovedd country of Haiti.

I will never renounce to my country however if I take upon myself the nationality of a foreign country I must understand clearly that I have forfeited my rights to become the President or Head of the State of Haiti.

I hope you were helped and please don't be selective in the reading of the constitution read from cover to cover and get a very good understanding of its content Thank you and be blessed.

Talk to you soon as soon as I return from Haiti.

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