Josy, I feel you, bet there is very little you can do about...

Bernadette - March 11 2012, 7:28 PM

Josy, I feel you, bet there is very little you can do about what is going on in Haiti.

We just have to wait and see. But you can do a lot about your situation.

To start with US is big and varied.

There are states and cities who are very health conscious.

I don't know home state but you should research states with healthier lifestyle.

Some are better than others.

The ideal state to retire is Haiti of course, but if Haiti becomes an impossibility there are a whole array of states you can retire in and will be more than glad to have you.
Like me, I supposed you are looking for a state with sunshine, who does not taxed pensions and social security too heavily and have respect for health and gerontological medical issues.

There are plenty of them around in US, Mexico, south-central America, Caribbeans, Africa, Europe and Asia depending on your liking and interest.

Check AARP, a 45+ person's best friends.

If you have a house and pension, plus social security, you want a state that is friendly to all of them and will not tax you do death.

We older diaspora has to talk about these issues that are vital to our survival.

I have another 10 years before I have to worry about it but I am weighing my options way before time.
I wish you luck in finding the best place to spend the most precious time of your life.

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