If the United Government through his Ambassador in Haiti did...

Jado - March 11 2012, 12:27 PM

if the United Government through his Ambassador in Haiti did not support the violations of the Haitian constitution we would know the truth by now. Michel Matelly release of the 8 passports and the unlawful declaration of kenneth merten should not deter the Senator in the quest of their president Nationality.

If the messenger is not credible why should we trust the message?

Those messengers have lied to us in the past and what worse, they want us to believe their lies. The Martelly s and fans released those suspect passports only after an investigation of a suspect named: Michael was started.

It seems if the name Michael did not enter in the equation, Michel Martelly and his fans would not release those remarkable passports.The investigation should continue its course and the truth should be revealed instead of the movie scene at the Haitian National Palace of the non trusted actors.

One of the eight passports is gold for the Senators.

It revealed, in fact, Michel Martelly or Michael Martelly was in an American Flight of November 21 leaving Haiti when American Airlines, in fact send the Senators a list that does contain the name of President Michel Martelly.

At the movie scene at the Haitian Palace, with his mouth said he did travel that day. The truth should be known but not from those honest actors who, in the past, told us that slavery in Haiti was the will of God.Even today, in 2012,they still act as there are slavery in Haiti.

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