It is not easy to take a bone from an angry dog, and it will...

Josy - March 10 2012, 8:41 PM

It is not easy to take a bone from an angry dog, and it will fight you to its last breath.

The politicians in Haiti do not want to give up their standard of livings, and are educated crooks.

We call them white collar criminals in the USA, and they are more dangerous.

The Nigerians have a great education system, and use their knowledge to scam people all over the world.

I always believe we are their descendants, and have been to Africa.

I have been to Lagos, Ghana, Benin, and other parts.

We do resemble each other physically, and probably have the same DNA.

President Michel Martelly will finish his term, and will win a second one and will complete his ten years mission.

"Le chien aboie, et la caravanne passe".

It is sad, but I have come to terms I won't be able to retire in my country.

The majority of immigrants want to return home at some point, but I do not have a place to go and it is a huge shame.

Haitians have done their best to alienate tourists, and the diaspora.

I could have a good retirement in my country, and stop eating dead foods here. I will not bring "beurre to mimi", and those gangsters will kill without a blank of the eye.

I cannot say there is no hope whatsoever for Haiti, because GOD is not like us and HE is very merciful.

GOD might have pity on Haiti if enough Haitians repent, but it will take a miracle and nothing is impossible with GOD. It feels like a curse to me on the country, and there are nothing positive coming from there.

There was a 5% earthquake this past week in Haiti, and scientists are saying the worst is yet to come.

GOD is not to be mocked, and he is very jealous.

You cannot go to church during the daytime, and transform into a vampire at night.

We believers in Haiti, and in the diaspora need to continue to pray for a miracle.


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