Death is in the power of the tongue, and it is in the bible...

Josy - March 9 2012, 12:14 AM

Death is in the power of the tongue, and it is in the bible.

"Complot pi fort passe ounga", so now his adversaries must find new hobbies and shame on them. I wish he could sue, and Haitians need to learn their lessons.

It is immoral to defame a person without evidences, and we are a nation who does not control our tongues.

"Radio diole" has to stop, and victims should bring lawsuits.

The tabloids in America are held accountable for spreading false rumors, and have been sued by stars.

It is not about the money, and it is based on principles.

Haitians do not know about "slander", and "libel".

Mr. Limbaugh claimed President Obama was born in Indonesia, and his ennemis are still persecuting him.

My message to those losers is "Get a life", and get off President Martelly's back.

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