What can we say? The Haitian's nation open the doors for Satan...

Patrick Princivil - March 8 2012, 5:22 PM

What can we say?

The Haitian's nation open the doors for Satan and the bad angels to mess them up, God in heaven will not be able to help them at this point.

Haiti need a Christian who really trust the Lord in heaven to lead this country and remove VOODOO, Carnaval and all kind of corruption in that country, the majority of Haitian's people go to church, but they are playing, that's why he doesn't give them credit.

I can see President Martelly really have a heart to help the Haitian's people to come out of the misery, he can't do that without God in heaven.

Very big fat demons turn round Haiti, what ever happen, happen.

The senator Lambert has to remember that, he is not God in heaven.

If he was even a christian, he would say: if the nation don't return to God it will be to late, I can understand that. But what he tries to say is demoniac and selfishness.

Maybe he knows thing we don't know, President Martelly should bring him in the hospital to test his brain to see if he is not crazy, if not, throw him in the jail until he says what that's mean.

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