I feel you, really I do hear you. If it makes a difference to...

Bernadette - March 8 2012, 1:10 AM

I feel you, really I do hear you. If it makes a difference to you a lot of us feel that loyalty to Haiti, our birth place.

I came to US as a child, became an American Citizen in my late teen. The day I became an American Citizen a part of me died of which I will probably never recover...

You have made a conscious choice to stay a Haitian Citizen.

You know what, even with an American passport, I am Haitian 100%.

I know that by becoming an American Citizen, there are ramifications and consequences.

Apart for legal information, I still identify myself as Haitian to others.

This is not to say that we should not take the Haitian Constitution seriously, What I am saying is no matter what we do as diaspora, we will always be Haitians.

We don't need a president to validate who we are. We know who we are and this is just who we are plain and simple.

We still don't know yet, whether or not Martelly has multiple citizenship.

We should await legal proof, in fact we should demand it. Let's not get ahead of ourselves by accusing the president without tangible proof.

This is precisely what others are expecting of us. They want us to start fighting among ourselves.

Remember, divide and conquer.

Let's say no to chaos for a change.

We are better people than that. We are truly proud and dignified people despite others who would want us to think differently.

We are not the only ethnic group who has it hard in America, in fact most if not all immigrants from different part of the world here in US have similar stories.

We just have to keep pushing for better education and better jobs for ourselves.

Learn to fight for policies that benefit our people while we are still living abroad.

My daughter the other day told someone that she was Haitian to a Haitian-born person and she has never been to Haiti due to constant instability.

I know I have done my job as a parent.

We all should never let our kids forget where they are from even if they were born on foreign land and even if their father is not Haitian.

We need to stay calm, cool and collected to fight for Haiti, our beloved.

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