Sakpakontan or whoever you are, what are you talking about...

Bernadette - March 7 2012, 1:16 AM

Sakpakontan or whoever you are, what are you talking about?

There is nothing in my message that should make you think that I believe the fake passport is Martelly's. Please READ my postings carefully before you retaliate.

However, I believe Martelly should DO something about this issue before it gets any further.

It is obvious some people want to create political discord before their terms are over and to detract Martelly from doing his job. By the same token, Martelly should expect and anticipated that kind of reaction.

Martelly needs to "Man up" to take care of his business.

We can't afford to get loss in their shuffles.

In case reading is not your forte, let me be clear on this with you: Haiti is my concern.

I have no partisans.

The Haitians who are dying of hunger, homeless and can't see a better tomorrow for themselves and their children in Haiti are my concerns.

I also know that Haiti can't go further with constant bloodshed and political bickering.

Go ahead call me an idiot if you want to but it seems to me your ignorance is showing big time.
P.S. Don't bother answer this reply because you will be wasting your time as you will get no answer from me.

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Bernadette and Janvier, Both of you are idiots like...

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