As the name suggests Mr. Sakpakontan Anbake, are you sure...

Monel - March 7 2012, 12:57 AM

As the name suggests Mr. Sakpakontan Anbake, are you sure you've been taken time to read Bernadette's posted or you didn't understand what you've read.
Sometime people act with emotional, I know that, but the way act with any acknowledge or I can say Martely a little bit skill to qualify people as idiot like that.this is not Bernadette's fault if you read something you don't understand it, may be you got a grave problem in your tiny brain, I advice you go back to read Bernadette's posted and then posted a formal excuse for your misunderstanding from your part.
I think you should be more tightening wiser to each other, instead of insulted people as idiot for something you read that you not understood.

Ou plis sanble yon fanatik malad aveg. ou Gen chans se pa mwen ou replike konsa, mwen tap desann pantalon'm sou wou menm Jan martely Te konn desann pantalon'l sou wou.SOUSOU.

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Bernadette and Janvier, Both of you are idiots like...

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