I say amen to that, this picture look nothing like Michel...

Concern Citizen - March 6 2012, 9:00 PM

I say amen to that, this picture look nothing like Michel Martelly, the president has a bigger square forehead than the picuture, the shape of the head is different than the president, the upper mouth shape different than the president mouth, the nose is different shape than the president, the eyebrows shape different too, Michel Martelly has bigger ears than the picture, I don't know about the eye shape.

The hair texture can be different too. The picture has more a round shape head, Michel Martelly has a more elongated face that has nothing to do with the angle of the camera.

Look at different pictures of the president and judge for yourself.

You are right about this, the US government issue passport for 10 years not five years, never five years.

Just like drivers license is for 10 years, it is government regulation.

If you want to hate the president, go ahead it is your right but don't hate him because of the passport.

You would make a terrible mistake.

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The passport is fake, cause the US government do not...

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