John Carter, you are very young, don't let that youth spoil in...

Jean Pierre Alexandre - March 6 2012, 8:06 AM

John Carter, you are very young, don't let that youth spoil in duty Haitian politics.Don't be supprise if you can love Haiti more than any of us here in this blog.
Use your time in education, observe the entire world with out any discrimination, if you have to go in the past for that purpose go head.
Haiti have more chance with young blood like you.
Forget about what is around you now, they are old farts, good for nothing, useless people, old rats that can sale Haiti pieces by pieces, when finish with it, meanings no lands, they will sale the sea around Haiti, they will flight abroads, use the money in women and useless things to makes believe they are somebody and their kids at the end will find themselves with no traditional culture, will force themselves to adjust with a new way of life.
Haitians don't have a focus point.

Like i say, Haiti is vacant like deserted motel by the trail road, not Interstate Highways, so all the kids in the town or county
use it for they fun or past time.
"That's remind me of a old house in Saskatoon when i was 15".

Remember, young blood like you is the future, not me.

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Jean Pierre Alexandre you right my father is a time...

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