Ok neg lakay. I didn't attack you,,I just made some precision...

Monel - March 5 2012, 9:52 PM

Ok neg lakay.

I didn't attack you, ,I just made some precision about your long absence on the blog.
by the way, you were in vacation, how was your vacation in Haiti, good,I was in Haiti too, but while I was over I posted every day.bro next time you go over there make sure you well equipped with cyber, a laptop or a droid's phone.

mwen pa vle ou chome blog la anko, mwen vle toujou opa.

could you tell Jean Pierre Alexandre for me, I don't ask anybody trust me, if he feels like he can trust me ! Tant mieux.but I only trust the truth.

good luck neg lakay

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Monel, please not attack me, I answer Jean Pierre...


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Aristide is behind all. Thanks to God,this week,he will be out of business. Yon manda ki soti lot bwo dlo ap tan'n...

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No Monel I was not in vacation neg pa gen kob pou sa...

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