Joseph Oleus, who you are to point finger on people who wasted...

Monel - March 4 2012, 11:13 PM

Joseph Oleus, who you are to point finger on people who wasted so much time making some real search to post something on this blog,,now you accused people that they just write things from fake reporter.

what about you?

You only here to ask God to bless a person who talking shi't.that's an aberation from you. Before you ask bless for that idiot, you supposed to wonder yourself, why this person doesn't make some good research for the bloggers, instead of you also who never post anything on this blog.
we are here to criticize people who make effort themselves to bring something for the bloggers.Sir I ask you stop being a person only criticize, but bring something too, not only supported a person who got an empty head without brain.

by the way.I saw the way you're talking you got a strong admiration for the prime presantir Laurent Salvador right my bro, but you don't like Haiti because you get admiration for a thief, a corrupt millionaire who wants at all costs to plunder Haitian money like he did in so many African's countries.

Click that mother fu'cker., /portrait-de-laurent-lamothe-le-sulfureux-patron-de-global-voice
After that, when you don't have nothing to say, SHUT Your " ti fey bek-ou".

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