Monel, The Parliamentary is definitely within its rights to...

Bernadette - March 2 2012, 6:41 PM

Monel, The Parliamentary is definitely within its rights to demand proper identification.

I have absolutely no problem with it. My objection is due to the reason that they waited AFTER his election to do something that was supposedly preliminary and basic.

It led me to believe that they wanted to use the issue when convenient for them, e.g. starting a coup d'Etat.

You got me all wrong.

Martelly is not what I would have wanted for Haiti.

But the PEOPLE spoke, it was their choice and I have to respect it, regardless of the percentage of people who have voted.

Even if some of the votes were rigged, that was not enough to make an impact.

Momo, the phrase that you referred to was just a saying from la kaye.
I am sure you have heard it before:"Vive Le Roi Untel".

I did not mean it literally.

This is just to say that the person in question was right in doing what ever he was doing.

No, I did not mean to say that in any way shape or form that I like or want Dr. Francois Duvalier in power.

In a moment of despair, I said I understood why he acted the way he did because he knew well his people and he went for the "do or die method" which Haitian people understand very well...

Like I said, it is the mechanism of our politics we have to change.

A conscious choice of pinpointing the causes of its mechanism so that we can repair them or change them altogether.

Also keep in mind today's mechanism is out of date and ineffective to deal with today's socioeconomic problems.

Martelly is not the issue, He is just the symptom of what is happening.

He is just the proverbial sacrificial lamb.
Yes, the President is rough on the edges and somewhat needs help in pushing issues that are immediately vital to the Country...

If he can, he should surrounds himself with strong-skilled politicians who can put Haiti first and themselves second.

This concept by itself is mountainous.

We also NEED to educate our people about the responsibility of of a President.

Above all, our people should have some rudimentary ideas about the mechanisms of politics and economics...

Again, I am going on a limb here to say this: Aristide was right when he said that: "Democracy is not for tomorrow".

Things just don't happen that fast in a society.

Yes, we have the options of taking the streets for immediate gratification but please take a long look at what the results and the ramifications can be. In the long run HAITI LOSES ONE MORE TIME.
Think people, think.

Is another coup worth it?

Is another coup worth it, especially if you are living in Haiti?

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Bernadette I'm sharing your frustration with you...



The president paranoiac Michel Martely face at his destiny.since a while ago Michel Martely was found alone,not even...

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