Piman Bouk, there was the same CIA who gave Martely the power...

Monel - March 2 2012, 4:51 AM

Piman Bouk, there was the same CIA who gave Martely the power in front of Mirlande Manigat, because Martely wasn't in a second round of elections.The CIA has thought they could manage him cause his political weakened and they got some file on him too.
Martely become a flip flopper for the CIA, they don't know where he stands for, when they have seen he's too close with Chavez even took contact with the Iranian's president to get money to remobilize Haitian Army, and you know better that those two guys are the pet peeves of united states and allies.

Martely got problem with the Clud de Madrid, who was promised them he gonna published the amendment's constitutional, he didn't do it.
There are others couple things Martely not keeping at the international's community like the way he has been treated the prime minister Garry Conille who was forced him to resign.that are the problems Martely got at the international's community.

I think in a matter of days the game gonna be harder for him, because he already lost lot of supports even people who pretend was voted for him.

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This is a CIA's plot and infiltration with faked...

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Bro Monel,I am sure very soon you will say:"The CIA...

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