John Jones, they are both the same shi't, we not gonna give...

Monel - March 1 2012, 10:06 PM

John Jones, they are both the same shi't, we not gonna give them any chance at all.we not gonna accept any Martely's entourage take over the power.the time being to get a real Haitian who respect himself, our institutions and all Haitian people's rights.

we are tired with those craps who wanted at any price to plunge our country into the darkness, drugs,corruptions, thieves.

Did you see since Michel Martely got the power, the DEA, BLTS said since 2007 they never have a big seize of drugs like this, after Mr. Laurent Lamothe announced that any Columbian don't need visas to enter Haiti, two weeks later they have seized 30 ton of cocaine in close government member's house that the national's police in DCPJ keep anonymous in the person's name.

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Monel, do you have any common sense? You see at every...


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