Mr Haitianforlife, you don't need to be scared about that...

Monel - March 1 2012, 7:48 PM

Mr Haitianforlife, you don't need to be scared about that demonstration yesterday, it's the first one, we gonna be more aggressive in a matter of days, if the douchebag president like you refuses to turn off the controversy over his travel's documents.

Yes I'm proud to be a lavalas, what about you?

you are wortthless piece of shi't, who crack took your brain in the Martely's as's.I know that, at the end of any reign, to supporters always angrier, thirty of blood, we don't care about that, we are accustomed with those reactions.

we put more than 10 thousands people in the street, what do you scare to put people in the street, you got government monies, you got drugs, you got many possibilities than Lavalas to get the beton crowded, where your 700 thousands people who pretend was voted for your PARANOIAC CRACKHEAD president Martely.

It's gonna be scary for you when you gonna see next week more people against Martely.the time it being for Martely, he doesn't have any chance again, because too many voices had already pupil against him all around the country in all social layers.

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Monel, I'm going to try to stoop as low as possible...

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