Thierry Mayard Paul has secret presidential ambitions

John Jones - March 1 2012, 6:07 PM

Martelly wife does not like much Thierry Mayard Paul because she believe he is arrogant, brighter than the rest of the pack and more ready to assume presidency.

Rumors has been circulation in Martelly circle to watch Thierry Mayard Paul not for a coup but Washington and Ottawa might pick him as Martelly replacement.

France was not cited.

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Monel says...

John Jones,don't worry bro we not gonna take any craps who was close to the paranoiac president Michel Martely. It time for the revolution to throw... more »

John Jones says...

Monel, do you have any common sense? You see at every election except for Aristide election, the USA, France, Canada,manages to distribute big... more »

Monel says...

John Jones,they are both the same shi't,we not gonna give them any chance at all.we not gonna accept any Martely's entourage take over the power.the... more »