Bernadette I'm sharing your frustration with you against the...

Monel - March 1 2012, 1:12 PM

Bernadette I'm sharing your frustration with you against the parliamentary who asked the paranoiac president his passport, you're right, this is your position, but at the same talking, this is the parliament's right in its prerogative constitutional to investigate on all government affairs.

Vive le Roi Francois Duvalier.

sorry Dedette you wanna talk about The Roi Henry Christophe or not.You have to remind yourself, I'm feeling a little bit confused because I never read any books who qualified Francois Duvalier like a"ROI".could you please give me a book's reference.

I'm accustomed with this kind of reaction, that's still happened in the end of any weakened reign, and sometimes its own destruction.

This kind of reactions, we have scarified our lives for our mothers and fathers, our kids, wifes,and so on should not suffering the same fate that we had been suffered in the passed on Duvalier criminal's regime.

We have already seen this kind of reactions in the years end 1985 and 1986 before the departure of men of Baby doc.They've become angriest, more threatening.

Sometimes in the late of reign, they're always thirty of blood.

Dedette Haiti will appear normal after Martely, because this paranoiac crackhead president doesn't have respect for anybody, any institutions, he's not respect himself.

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