Bro Monel, Martelly is in no position to persecute Aristide...

Jean Pierre Alexandre - March 1 2012, 9:33 AM

Bro Monel, Martelly is in no position to persecute Aristide.

Every thing you see or hear it's only a form or makes believe.

This is bigger than Haiti's government"Aristid lajistis" tout't"se bouddin nini".

Gin fos nan dlo Dayiti depi 2 semin'n e demi.Pou ki sa?

Pouki sa huhh?

Don't be supprise if you hear 3 or 4 choppers ateri nan lakou Aristide'la.
Bagay yo pa piti neg.
France already pulling hands with the DEA for Aristide since 3 weeks.

Don't ask me how i know, because i would not tell you.
Just watch the even.
Only one thing i don't like as Haitian."it's France"
These M O T H E R F U C K E R S like Haitian blood to much, they like to feed their rats with Haitian blood in their prisons.

Yo gin yon an ba lakay sistem ke yo rele donjon'n.

Tet langggiettt manman tout' franse'e a la ron baderrr.



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