Aristide over and above investigation because the glove does not fit.

Agent-x - February 28 2012, 7:46 PM

1- Aristide has no history of being a cocaine delivery boy for the international drug cartel in Florida.

2- Aristide has no history of constructing secret airstrip or mini airport in Haiti for the international drug cartel.

3- Aristide has no history of money laundering in real estate in Florida, Boston, Georgia/USA, New York etc..

with Toto Constant.

4- Aristide has no history of taking or selling drugs.

5- Aristide family, wife and children have no history of taking or selling drugs.

6- Aristide is in good moral standing in the eyes of the world and has made education a priority while other are using the carnival as an excuse to corrupt the mind of young boys on public forum to entice them to vice against nature or so called alternative lifestyle.

7- Aristide did not need money nor dirty monies to gather sea of follower because his rhetoric and the content of his message have been a redoubtable, respected and stalwart currency.

8- Aristide has no history of repression and secret police while the capitalist countries are using mood altering chemicals aka drugs to incarcerated their population into this chemical prison because their everlasting repressive burgeoning laws caused them to arrest more people daily than the construction workers are able to build the new jails/prisons cells despite of their machineries and technologies.

9- Aristide philosophy is Liberty, Equality and Fraternity/Sisterhood not clannish, exclusion and polarization or calling people ugly Africans chimeres because one's think some of his ancestors were Italians.

10- Aristide political profile is the power belong to the majority not to the minority of a minority.

The majority has an undeniable right to eat, has access to medical care, decent housing, decent education, gainfully employed not working at starvation wages, freedom of speech and association and be the sole master of our destiny and country not subject to manipulation from the defacto General Governor of Haiti in Tabarre, Haiti.

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Dessaline The Avenger says...

I agree with you. The main reason USA,Canada and France conspired to expel Aristide is because he tried to stop them from exploiting the poor... more »