Michel Martelly Pink & Punk laboratory of Magouilles, disinformation

Agent-x - February 28 2012, 1:51 AM

Haitian Minister of Justice and Public Safety, Michel Brunache stated on Feb 27th 2012 that there is no dossier regarding President Jean Bertrand Aristide involvement in narcotics trafficking, embezzlement and other criminal charges.

He emphasised that such rumors are baseless.

If it is a rumors then where the news came from and why?

On February 17th 2012 Michel Martelly was accompanied with his hooligans and decided to do a surprise visit at the Faculty of Ethnology in Port-au-Prince.

Some how the Faculty members did not welcome the Martelly crew as Seigneurs, Lords as they would expected.

Martelly's tugs were offended and they opened fire, ransacked the faculty of ethnology in Port-au-Prince and kidnapped some students.

Report of possible rape cannot be substantiated at this moment.

The victims hired a lavalasse Lawyer, Mr. Newton St-Juste who is representing Jacksi Filibert and other students from the Faculty of Ethnology of Port-au-Prince.

While Lawyer Newton St-Juste was working on the Ethnology students' case, he saw a dossier on Aristide at the court suggesting his imminent arrest for embezzlement and trafficking in narcotics etc..but apparently it was a fake dossier that was deliberately placed on the path of Lawyer Newton St-Juste as a subterfuge to discredited him as a lawyer if he release the information.

Lawyer Newton St-Juste released the information about Aristide to Reuters, Agence France Press and other press agencies.

Now the magouilleurs at Michel Martelly Pink & Punk laboratory of Magouilles & disinformation are having a very very short celebration.

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Mizeliah says...

In my opinion, there should be some kin of cyber law to go after these people who take pleasure to write whatever they want on the blog. They refuse... more »

Jean Pierre Alexandre says...

B I T C H,you wish that was not the case. I am sorrry for you. I know the mix is in the blender,the pot is in the fire broiling,so shut your mouth... more »

Jean Pierre Alexandre says...

Mizeliah N/A,for your info,that law is here already. That is the reason Jean Pierre Alexandre always tell the truth. You cannot persecute the truth... more »