To replace Conille

Jojoline - February 27 2012, 9:36 PM

What don't come back to the first choice of the President?


We have to learn how to do politics in Haiti.

We do not have to let others to say to us what to do. Haitians, STOP playing game with the country and his people.

Why can we make effort to rebuilt the country instead of saying bad words about everything the president is doing for the country?

It will be better to help him instead of critisis every move he is trying to do. We are saying that the president is THIS, the president is THAT, but we are all the same ...

no one is better than the other one. Since 55 years we are in the same problem ..

nothing change.

Corruption, violence, among all others problem that we confroncting in the country by making everyone to suffer without knowing the reason.

Now it's time for PARDON, it's time to reajust our mind and try to work together for a better life for everyone.

For that, we have to accept to educate everyone and in a appropriate way. Shame on us. Instead of resolving the problem, we just run and let the country on other people hand and after we are crying by saying ZOT would like to command us. No No No, we give other the authority to do so because we are always fithing one and other.

It's time to open our eyes, it's time to say we can improve our culture by educating the others.

Please let change together to give to Haiti something more solid, more respecful.

I do not speak very well english but please I am trying my best.

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