JP Alexandre, why don't you keep your bec closed, you don't...

Antoine Nan Gomier - February 25 2012, 11:25 PM

JP Alexandre, why don't you keep your bec closed, you don't know much about Haiti there is a reason for it because you not Haitian you are african, just mingle in african affair and leave us the hell alone, you never have nothig good to say about Haiti, and I want you to go to african paradise like apposite of hell and leave us alone, Haiti is not you country because your parent is not Haitian our constitution say you are not haitian, you should not blog here this is for haitian only you were not born on haitian soil and your mother is not haitian, go away and leave us alone with your homosexual behavior and sexual abnormal self, Sam wwre pou wou wou pap vle tande'l e li tris.


Cholera,Cholera,Cholera Is Ruling In Haiti Like A King Does

The number of cholera cases nearly tripled from almost 19,000 last April to more than 50,000 two months later. Haiti...

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Antoine Nan Gomier,tet langgiettt manman'wou tande'e...

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