For me i don't think the Parliament need to fight over how...

Joe Gerard Dieudonne - February 25 2012, 5:35 PM

for me i don't think the Parliament need to fight over how & when they're gonna vote for the next Prime Minister.

Whoever will be the nominate, should get a chance to debate in his or her case atleast ONE WEEK.Can we wait for these guys in the Parliament to call their sons & daughters for advices, no i don't think so.Look over the condition of the country.,how far we're now and how much times do we have to deal with certain problems.

Do these guys think about ***HAITI*** or themselves?We need to show the whole world that we can govern.,just like every other nation on the Globe.W/out any discussion whoever, the Presidence gives to them to work on.,as long as all papers are correct, there's no doubt to make a compromise.,and then give Haiti its deliverance and move forward with *** All Reconstructions*** that needed to begin.,especially their house(Palais Legislatif)Ministry Palace, Port au Prince City Hall in Bi-Centenaire, and continue with so many other sites of constructions.

HAITI FOREVER,208 YEARS OF INDEPENDENCE.,please give Haiti another biggggggggggggggggg chance to prosper...may God bless the entire nation of the Pearl of Islands ///Haiti Cherie & Thomas.

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