Oh my God, I didn't believe a president who supposed to be a...

Monel - February 24 2012, 10:54 PM

Oh my God, I didn't believe a president who supposed to be a model for Haitian people, the same president in a public stage asked a young boy to bend down and told him if he wanna some mas'si'si with. I think that's ashamed which doesn't make Haitian people happiness.

Now.do we think, we could blamed the munustah criminal's guy to stop sodomi'zing our young.

if they've seen the president of this country not even have respect for our young, could you believe the munustah guys gonna stop insulting the young Haitian people.

I don't think so.if anyone think the president of Haiti has the right to insult our youngs, never mind for them, but only one thing I know who's laughing today, will be crying tomorrow.

"baton kap bat Chen blan jounen jodia Li aseptab nan je tout moun. se pa anyen sa martely Gen dwa mande yon Jen gason fe mas isi.men tou le baton sa se sou do pa nou lap tonbe, mwen Ta swete pou nou pa kriye.


Michel Martelly is an embarassement for the Haitian people and the office

This is a good reason to expel all the Americans from Haiti for ever because they imposed this right ring extremist...

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