Mrs. Cassandra noel, the president's cousin Jean Max Bellerive...

Monel - February 24 2012, 3:08 PM

Mrs. Cassandra noel, the president's cousin Jean Max Bellerive already said all the contracts had been signed with Martely tgot group before Martely got the power.

we are in front of a cannibal's state, a g'ang who has taken Haiti in hostage, this news wasn't a surprise to me, because I already knew that paranoiac president didn't want any serious character by him side, any intellectual who could help him do something for Haiti.

He only want some crackhead, some drug's de'aler .where is the change he has talked about during his campaign, he wanna continue the same status quo like, corruption,thieves, assassinate like they doing now on ethnology students.

Hellas! poor Haiti, it doesn't have chance, we are in front of a dictatorship, a gan'gster's group.the bossal, those paranoiacs, we have to stop it.


Haiti:Bellerive & INITE obtiennent la demission du Premier Ministre Conille

Jean Max Bellerive et les hommes de l'INITE voulaient que les contrats signes avec la compagnie Dominicaine SECOSA...

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