Marjorie Middy, we are not a supporter of the coup d'etat, and...

Monel - February 23 2012, 9:55 PM

Marjorie Middy, we are not a supporter of the coup d'etat, and we would never like this, because we believe in democracy.

But, what we are about to assist, we were unworthy to be Haitian.

I think what we're attending now by Mr. Martely is not worth the trouble.

he has broken all presidential's ethical, that I never see in any others countries.

Marjorie, I'm in Haiti now, I have to come back to new York next Monday, I'm feeling sad, when I received the phone call come from foreign friends and co-workers to tell me they've seen my musician's president dancing a na'sty dance on stage.they told me they could imagine a president acting like that.
The saddest it that, we got our grandchildren who got access on YouTube that any parents could avoid at the time of technology.they know that Michel Martely is our president, when they saw something like that, when they ask you questions, why our president was so na'sty like that, what you gonna answer them.
I think is a embarrassment for all Haitian parents.

I don't know where that will be arrived.but we have to do something, for example:sign petitions online, protest,still denounce that barbaric who want to lead our country in the darkness.

peace and love for you, Haiti will never die.
Respe pou wou bel fanm.

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