Joseph Oleus, it look like you don't ability to make a...

Monel - February 20 2012, 9:48 PM

Joseph Oleus, it look like you don't ability to make a difference between blablabla and better job.If I ask you give me a better job your president did since he got the power.

no doubt you gonna tell me .oooooh the president already sent 903 thousands children to school.B'ulshi't.

Those 903 thousands children used to go to school since preval's presidency.

Do you loose your brain, do you imagine a president said he sent " 903 mil ti moun lekol san li pa konstwi yon ti tonel" .you crazy my bro!
If you make walk around of Haiti's capital you gonna see more children in the street without going to school, before your president make his propaganda, oooooh he sent 903 thousands children to school.

May be if he got time, he can do better when he STOPS bu'lshit'ing, stop creating crisis or confrontation.

otherwise if he still behave like a paranoiac crack head.
Mwen pa kwe lap we pi lwen ke pwent nen li.

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monel the president doesnt create anything he try to...

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monel dont you do news or just listen to what them...

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