Haiti is a crime scene.The US already took 85% of the earthquake donations

Agent-x - February 20 2012, 8:51 PM

Al Capone looks like an honest gentleman in comparison to what the USA is doing in Haiti.

The USA is already siphoned 80% of the money the world donated to Haiti in connection of the earthquake by various subterfuges.

First, it started by deploying their marines to Haiti days after the earthquake and using the earthquake monies to pay those marines which was an international highway robbery.Thus, Haiti become one of those nations that is financing the US military tugs.

Most of the foreigners that are in Haiti are receiving far more money for work done with their Haitian coworkers that have similar or even higher credential than them. They received their salaries in US dollars and several times above the US minimum wage while taking advantage of Haiti low coat of living.

Most of the NGO is an orchestra of foreign intelligences that is in Haiti to undermine, erode then eradicate the core cultural value of the Haitian people and to corrupt our society with all kind of vices including homosexuality, prostitution, bestiality, drug addiction, to destroy our communal, hospitality traditions and to mold a new generation of individualistic, egoistic,greedy and selfish people.

Each NGO represent autonomous foreign Haitian government on its own and is accountable to no one but to its self interest.

While those foreign looters are destroying our national identity, looting our resources, stealing our lands, stealing our specialists or brain drain and stealing the earthquake monies the U.S. handlers are distracting the naives Haitian on this blog by entertaining and keeping them busy with subject such as:

Rocks Thrown At President Martelly From The Faculty Of Ethnology.

USA Says Haiti President Martelly US Passport Claim False.

The Duvalier Trial - Disputes Over The Procedures.

Anti-Martelly Riots By Lavalas In Haiti, Lavalas Or Opportunists?.

Duvalier Will Go To Trial BUT Not For What You Would Expect!

Depute Arnel Belizaire Cut Off By TNH In The Middle Of An Interview.

Some of the Haitian government official are busy traveling abroad to open secret offshore bank account.

Jean Claude Duvalier in the past used to send his friends to open those accounts but some his friends stole some of the monies since they signed for those accounts.

While Jean Claude Duvalier was in exile in france he asked his accomplices to withdraw money for him from those offshore account, some of his accomplices used to tell him "I don't know what you are talking about" or just hanged the phone on him.

It is not without reason that Martelly personally visited Cura

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