Bernadette, I'm sorry that I used nominate instead of...

Monel - February 19 2012, 6:11 PM

Bernadette, I'm sorry that I used nominate instead of nominee.that mean if martely gone you think the newly elected not gonna be a person nominated by Aristide because"nominee means person who is nominated, we believe in democracy, we cannot accept anybody nominees by x or y person without a Democratic election, as martely was nominee by OEA and others international's community.

I don't think think your argument that the newly elected it's not gonna be an Aristide nominees has place because since Leslie manigat was nominees by Haitian army force.any president passed by wasn't nominees.

Bernadette, do you think only Aristide is a pet peeves, you deceived by an unilateralism in your opinion because the Haitian pet peeves that's those since 1957 through 1986 who made mass murders.

crimes against humanity, thieves,who killed more than 100 thousands innocents people at fort-Dimanche.

Dedette you asked me to combine what Preval and Aristide did in their terms altogether.

despite of large coup d'etat undergone by Aristide with martely's complicit like ninjas in 1991,under ToTo Constant's order.

Aristide had been gone to exile twice, I don't have nothing to reproach him, in spite of so many mistakes he did in his two short terms.

But if we should take preval two terms, I'm not gonna make a statement of accounts of preval's presidency, but if we take for example the North west department, where I'm a native's born, since our independence until 1994,we got one lycee for all north west, after Preval left the power we passed at 18 lycee.

That's why the paranoiac president Michel Martely enjoying to make propaganda he already sent 903 thousands children to school without building" yon tonel ".

In the road infrastructure I advice you to call Radio signal fm, the martely propaganda's radio, ask for Frantz Exantus tell him to replay for you,"the great file of the week on road infrastructure on preval's presidency".I think you gonna be edified about that.
for now I'm not gonna be too long we got enough time to talk about Duvalierism's concept because in your posting you evoked embodiment the concept of duvalierism.

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Monel, I believe this one deserves a reply in terms...



Yes,the president of Haiti Mr. Joseph Michel Martely is a citizen American,according to the last statement of the US...

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