Monel, This is the last that I will say on this subject and...

Bernadette - February 18 2012, 6:41 PM

Monel, This is the last that I will say on this subject and there is no need for a reply.

If a constitution is bias, it cannot be equaled for everybody.

Bias means partial perspective at the expense of other(s).

Monel, tell me when Haiti finished anything on its proper date line?

Martelly is over zealous and anxious to show the people that things are moving along, now this is hardly a crime.

There are many layers of truths on how Martelly became President.But, like I said before this is besides the point.

He is the President.

We need to move beyond that for the sake of social and political stability.

No, there is nothing wrong with people who want to express their dissatisfaction by gathering up in public peacefully.

But inciting violence is something else.
Besides you know very well what could happen: A Haitian President ousted one more time, flown out of the country involuntarily one more time, chaos and arson on the streets and pile of dead bodies everywhere, one more time. Additional emergency foreign soldiers, one more time. We will be making World News one more time as a people who can't move ourselves forward one more time. The people who want to keep us down will be smiling one more time. Corruption, intimidation, mass murders will continue as intended.

Both you and I know this is not about the constitution, nor Martelly's in question multiple passports.

It ain't about the diaspora either.

Be prepared, if it happens, the newly selected will not be Aristide nor will it be Aristide's nominee.

We don't know a good opportunity when we see one.
Martelly is not perfect but he represents CHANGE.

We are asking Martelly what he did in less than a year; Excuse me, what did his predecessors do in 30 years?

Everything is relative you know.
Will we be behaving like fools again?

Proving the point one more time to the world that we are not fit for self governance.

One more time, they will be laughing at us.
I was hoping against hope that this time we will not be poppets.

I was hoping that we would not let anyone pulling our strings.

I thought perhaps this time, we got this, we got it covered and will be able to manage.

I am still hoping that we can
But I will not hold my breath.

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