Bernadette, I'm not gonna answer you on all you're talking in...

Monel - February 18 2012, 4:00 AM

Bernadette, I'm not gonna answer you on all you're talking in your posting.but there are some of them merit that I bring some light on for you.
1-Yes Dedette our constitution is's not only bias for the people who have created's bias for everybody, even Michel Martely, he wanna stay in the same status quo.why he refused to publish the amendment's constitution.

I don't ask him to publish the one preval and co made magouille with it.but there is one that Martely was formed a commission who supposed to revise the preval's one, this commission was composed, the parliament, the executive and civil society.

after revising the commission concluded that constitution ready to publish, they've sent it to Martely to send it in the official's journal.

Why Michel Martrly still keeping the 1987 one, who gave the diasporas a little bit chance, even though the chance was small, but everybody said there was a first step. Bernadette is bias for everybody depending his interest, not only for those who were created it.for now only one WE GOT.
2-yes Bernadette, we do respect people's choice, even though they are small like 67.5 in 700 thousands voices on 4.5 millions.

at the same time too, is our right to protest or ask what going on when things going worst.

Do you think we can accept a small amount of voices with a paranoiac president can lead the country in the darkness, where the president doesn't have respect for anybody, even journalists who are the communicators for Haitian people.

Do you think we can accept a small group"tou piti zwit" with a cannibal's president since he was invested the power fouled the laws under their feet, in arresting a deputy who got the same immunity with him.
Do you think if Martely can govern in that incertitude, nobody has not clear yet, on martely's nationality.

I hope he makes the same Obama did, that could protect him, and people can see martely govern seriously.

otherwise if he wants to create crisis, he's not gonna have any investors come in that country.

3-Dedette, I know you're well educated, don't say something like people who doesn't have reading or writing.

there are lot of discrepancies between private or personal affairs and public or state's affairs.

Martely could manage sweet Micky whatever he wants, fail or success like a one man show.but it's very different in the state's affairs who supposed to have the cause's acknowledges.

The state's affairs cannot manage like Martely stand up in sweet Micky in front of a public when he said" leve men nou, ou byen di betiz ak desan pantalon'l Devan piblik la" he could get successful.but it not the same to govern a country with almost 10 millions populations.

Dedette, we already give Martely chance to see what he can do.he refuses to profit the chance we gave him to show his best, but he preferred to play, create crisis after crisis to put people attention away, that we can see, he doesn't have capacity to do something for Haitian people.

Dedette, Martely almost got a year, could you tell me one thing he'd been done.

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Monel, I used the double nationality bit with France...



Yes,the president of Haiti Mr. Joseph Michel Martely is a citizen American,according to the last statement of the US...

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Monel, This is the last that I will say on this...

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