This is a note to Chavannes Jeune, from Rev. John Briggs Dear...

John C. Briggs - February 13 2012, 8:18 PM

This is a note to Chavannes Jeune, from Rev. John Briggs

Dear Brother Jeune,

Perhaps you will remember me as the one who organized the Congress Of Haitian Ministries in Port au Prince in the late 1980s, and the National Prayer Breakfast sponsored by Madame Pascal Trouillot, in November of 1990. You served on our Advisory Board at that time. My wife, Barbara, and I were founding Directors of Caribbean Missionary Training Center in Port au Prince.

We left Haiti in the early 1990s because our sponsoring church in the US was no longer able to support our work. We were very disappointed and believed our ministry there was unfinished.

The Lord has blessed our work here in America greatly, and has recently connected us with the 24/7 Prayer Ministry, with headquarters in London, England.

Our group here in Charlott, NC now has a burden to return to Haiti and establish a 24/7 Prayer Ministry there to help unite the church and focus the power of God to change the nation.

We know there are many groups already praying for the nation, but to our knowledge there is currently no united effort, across the spectrum of Christians in Haiti, to become one in effort and focus.

Our desire is to further empower the churches and ministries thast are already doing the work of the Kingdom in Haiti, not to begin some new venture.

We plan to bring a team of 6 people to Port au Prince in April for a week, to meet people and see if such a prayer work such as this would be accepted.

I value your insight and sphere of influence.

It is important for us to open a door into the political arena as well as the Evangelical community.

Haiti is desperately in need of Godly leadership like you offer, and we want to see Christians informed to pray intelligently for the nation, that God will invade every aspect of family, church and political arenas to change the nation from inside out, to pull down strongholds that have held your people captive too long.

I am writing to ask if you would be available to attend a meeting of interested people to discuss the possibility of launching a 24/7 Prayer Tower in Haiti, and select a group of advisors who would give leadership and direction for such a move. We believe this is God, and are excited about the possibility of seeing the nation of Haiti turned 'Right Side Up' to serve the living God, and become a prosperous country again.

We are looking for a neutral place to meet, with maybe 25 - 30 interested people attending.

We would welcome your inviting other influential, Godly people who believe in the power of prayer.

We expect to invite quite a few church and missions leaders, but don't really have a pulse on the scene there now.

I will look forward to hearing from you. You can reply to my email: briggsjohn13 at, or call my cell phone: 828-476-0308.

I have often thought of you and prayed for God to release you to the mighty work He has for you.

In God's timing,
(Rev.) John Briggs
Restoration Ministries International
Fort Mill, SC USA
email: briggsjohn13 at
Phone: 828-476-0308

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