Michel Martelly smoked $5,386 worth of crack from 02-10 to 02-13 2012

Roro Chosetmayas - February 13 2012, 7:48 PM

According to two different informers on Martelly's entourage, Michel Martelly has been on a crack binge since Friday February 10th 2012 because of his multi-nationalities investigation.

If Whitney Elizabeth Houston died drowned in a bath tub, it is possible that Michel Martelly will died drowning while drinking a glass of water because he is using more crack than Whitney Elizabeth Houston.

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Lupi Grosborbot says...

There is a bad crack circulating on the West coast of the united States. Martelly should be careful about where his cracks come from. Some of the... more »

Arthur Simeon says...

Lupi there is no way Michel Martelly could smoke $5,386 worth of crack in three days unless he smoke it with friends. This simply cannot be true... more »