It is simple Haitian do not have courage to tell international...

Wilky - February 13 2012, 8:35 AM

It is simple Haitian do not have courage to tell international people stay out of this, we all Haitian should know by now no country wants to see progress in Haiti they cant make bunch of money of us now they are trying to make us go backwords insted forwords International people were enjoying the money with him and now they act like they did not now what was going on. (yo tout se vole bann chat mimi miaw yo) I, m happy with the judge, we want to see good things hapennig now, vive Haiti vive Martelly, vive Duvalier is Aristid are going before the Judge also for killing or for the money he took from people in Haiti.

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I agree with Amnesty International; But Duvalier was...

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