Hey!Neg lakay pa pemet'ou rele'm konpe, se konpayon'w mwen...

Monel - February 11 2012, 1:23 AM

Hey!Neg lakay pa pemet'ou rele'm konpe, se konpayon'w mwen ye.m'konn ale nan zokiki avek'ou malandren, granmoun dezodone.

Gen le ou plis anvi reponn, ke'ou pwan san'w pou Li sa moun ekri.pye chik mwen pa te di'ou Gen lekol pou moun apwan'n kreyol zo blod ke ou ye.mwen te di ou pouki sa yo anseye kreyol nan lekol ayiti se paske genyen yon diksyone kreyol konnye-a, ou paka di ni ekri ninpot salopri pou di se kreyol.

By the way, piggy lakay could you tell me, why they closed your ZOKIKI business you used to go every day to abuse little minor.they cut your life off, because there was only one business you did have to survive.what you gonna do now, there is no ZOKIKI anymore, may be you can try kidnapping or zenglendo, martely is your partner nothing gonna be happened to you.
Try, you never know, but don't go to martissant where I got my businesses, if you come in martissant I'm gonna get your asss.
zokiki ke ou ye.

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Kompe Monel, mrin pap okipe wou anko paceke mrin fin...

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