Marie thejonassaint why you don't ask the same question for...

Monel - February 10 2012, 9:22 PM

Marie thejonassaint why you don't ask the same question for radio Signal FM, who make propaganda for Martely.You're only pointing your finger on kiskeya and caraibe's wack my dear, you're acting the same way with your president who doesn't have any respects for journalists.

I think anyone or institutions who want to be insulted the press don't have any future, and in a matter of minutes you gonna loose the power,.if you're against the press, you're against the Haitian people too, because the press is the Haitian people communication.

ou we lapwes, respekte lapwes, ou pa konn ki le wap bezwen lapwes.

babouket nou vle mete nan bouch lapwes la, li pap pase.gen twop san ki koule pou ti moso pawol sa-a nou Gen jounen jodi-a.peson selera, ti simonn tet kale paka retire'l.
Marie thejonassaint, you don't know Lilianne Pierre-Paul, she's a respectful person, a great journalist, who got lot of skills in journalism, and she was a martyr for speech freedom.

I don't think Mrs. Lilianne used to go in the"ZOKIKI" with you, where you used to dance for money, at the same time they touched your fishy pus sy. please Marie go to your ZOKIKI instead of named Lilianne Pierre Paul in your nonsense posting.

Se lilianne Selman ou Te konnen sou duvalier ki Te ak VICTOR NEVER CONSTANT, ou bliye mireille Duroche Bertin.gade ou an chime konye-a paske yo elimine ZOKIKI.

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