Bravo Bernadette! well said, could not have said it better...

Carl Henry Dietz - February 10 2012, 8:04 PM

Bravo Bernadette! well said, could not have said it better.

You know, all people have to do is to take account on How much money Aristide and Preval took during their presidency and compare it with what Jean Claude took during his presidency.

Second, Haitians need to find out and take into account how many people died during the Jean Claude administration and How many people died during Aristide and Preval inclusively.

Then, they will understand that Jean Claude Duvalier is not the evil. Yes, he was wrong to take money and killed people during his presidency but everything is relative.

Papa Doc was no joke, he killed more than Jean Claude.

Aristide was truly evil and killed a lot more. Preval stoles money from the Earthquake accident, now, how vile can one be?

and Why Aristide and Preval are not being prosecuted?

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Marjorie, Your path made the best sense. You have to...

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