Max Mills, The same idiots you are in agreement with and dare...

Gabby - February 10 2012, 1:02 PM

Max Mills,

The same idiots you are in agreement with and dare to have the audacity to ask President Martelly to comply with the laws are the same no-good-for-nothing monkeys, cold-hearted sob(s) that have been violating the laws for years.

First of, isn't there a committee to in place to verify every documents of a presidential candidate to make certain that individual qualifies to run for president of the nation?

Besides, like President Martelly said there is no article in the Haitian Constitution that authorizes what parliament is asking of the president.

Most of those idiotic monkeys' terms are due and they see that there is no way they can be re-elected in office without corruptions, thereby they want to rid of President Martelly and put their own crook in power.

My only concern right now the U.S. is backstabbing bitch and they fear the relations between Haiti and the ALBA countries, so they might orchestrate a Martelly coup d'etat.

Hopefully, Martelly knows them for the backing stabbing Bs that they are and already made a Haiti a member of ALBA to come to his aid in the event they try to force him down.

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Shame on you,really, shame on you.Do you really...

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