Shame on you, really, shame on you.Do you really deserve a...

Max Mills - February 9 2012, 11:50 PM

Shame on you, really, shame on you.Do you really deserve a response to these comments.The answer is No.But I am deeply tempted to say something because I have feelings like every human.

Brethren if your mind is fill with these filthy words, man I do not want to know your environment.Even if you were joking, really that is not funny.You have taken this site for your own leisure like someone who is among friends sitting on a wall, laughing,jiggling, smoking pot, and passing comments on passers-by.If it is this way you intend to enlighten someone on this site, brethren I was truly right by saying in my previous letter that some of you write and pass comments according to your emotions and feelings but this one is way, way far away from your emotions and feelings it shows ignorance and stupidity and surely it shows that you were not born and raise in Port-Au- Prince.

Se mwen ki di'l

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Max mills, wou kon vole'e kabrit moun'n yo nan bwa'a...

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Max Mills, The same idiots you are in agreement with...

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