Michel Martelly Pardon Jean Claude Duvalier ASAP because we need him badly

Commando Joint Staff - February 9 2012, 10:58 PM

Ti Michel Martelly do yourself a big favor.

Pardon Jean Claude Duvalier as soon as possible for US because we need to booom boom him in the streets as fast as possible because Duvalier and his tioul makut are war criminals, commons thieves, sex offenders.

We have multiple tools for the job. We are able, willing and are brave enough.

We want to start the celebration of Duvalier demise soon. Stop buying time.
commando 1 E
commando 2 W
commando 3 N
commando 4 S
commando 5 R1
commando 6 R2
commando 7 R3
commando 8 R4
commando 9 R5
commando 10 EE
commando 11 WW
commando 12 NN
commando 13 SS
commando 14 High Tech control
commando 15 mobile
commando 16 Low Tech control
commando 17 mobile 1
commando 18 Psych control
commando 19 Aviation unit
commando 20 Deep throat control
commando 21 Cuisse control
commando 22 motocyclette 1
commando 23 Artillery specialist
commando 24 Sharp shooter
commando 25 Timer specialist
commando 18 Psych control
commando 19 Harbor
commando 20 Deep throat control
commando 21 Cuisse control
commando 22 Mobile intelligence1
commando 23 homme grenouille1
commando 24 femme grenouille 1
commandos 25 mobile groups
commando 26 Artillery specialist 2
commando 27 Sharp shooter 2
commando 28 Timer specialist 2
commando 29 Psych control 2
commando 30 femme fatale 1
commando 31 Deep throat control 2
commando 32 Cuisse control
commando 33 Ti grogue moin
commando 34 homme grenouille 1
commando 35 Art culinaire
commandos 36 highly classified group of coordinator field managers
Commandos 37 anti tank anti blinded rapid thermal penetration group
commandos 38 rat groups
commandos 39 snake groups
commandos 40 master of ceremony groups
commandos 41 invitation groups
Commandos 42 Airborne device group
commandos 43 long range camera/binocular groups
commandos 44 traffic control management group
radaR 01 device installed mobile
Radar 02 device installed mobile
radaR 03 device installed fixed
radaR 04 device installed fixed
Radar 05N series decoy group fixed
radaR 06 fixed GPS group
Radar 07 fixed ultrasonic/infrared group
Radaradar Deep low tech secure communication group
We will meet you later son for your final feu d'artifice..You killed our family now you must pay now a la Rafael Le

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