Marjorie, thanks for your clarification, and you, too, make...

Rev. Vikki Yeghoyan - February 9 2012, 8:29 PM

Marjorie, thanks for your clarification, and you, too, make some good points.

But I stand resolved on my position that if there is to be progress in Haitian democracy, there needs to be clear adherence to the Constitution.

If a basic requirement of a candidate for president is ignored, and effort is make to deter the investigation, the president starts off on a very slippery slope and continues to slide on other issues--like the scandal with the so-called money for education, like inviting Duvalier out in public with him, when even the Haitian justice system has Duvalier under house arrest, like making the country wait for Constitution clarifications (which has been months, despite his promises to turn it over on an announced Monday, or at such and such time, training an army--which really will take money away from basic needs and social programs--to turn back to the Duvalier regime).

Sweet Micky could get his way all the time as a performer, but he needs to be held accountable as a president, and I just don't see it happening; he still has the Sweet Micky attitude.

You have a right to respond, and I'm sure others will be happy with it, but there's no point in discussing it any further since we are coming from 2 very different angles of vision.

I see you care about the future of Haiti, as do I, but we have very different ideas about what is best for the Haitian people...

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Vikky you have some very good points. Perhaps the...

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