Yes, Myrtho I believe he is the man too. Mr. Marthelly has...

Luci Ferr - February 8 2012, 6:08 PM

Yes, Myrtho I believe he is the man too. Mr. Marthelly has done everything in his capacity to show the Haitian people that he is their man and he will be there to thick and thin and he is more than capable of making certain changes happen in Haiti.

Certain people are too enmeshed to expect destruction.

They don't want to see anything good happens to Haiti and the want to keep destroying the pretty island as they have been doing in the past and they want to continuing doing so. They could not care less about Haiti and progress.

That concept is too elusive for them to understand.

Destruction, destruction, destruction and more destruction is what they can understand and expect.

Those of us who want real change will have to take a back seat.

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Martelly has a true love for his country.He has...

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