Regardless if president Martelli was an Italian or American...

Martine Civil - February 8 2012, 1:15 PM

Regardless if president Martelli was an Italian or American citizen to me it doesn't matter.

My question is what have a real Haitian, or a real born citizen of haiti have ever provide for us. During these wasted years(25 years)what have these Negre so call Haitians ever done! nothing only creating problems, Surrounding chaos with this poor nation who has no moral since, no education, no view, but simply I Want, I want all the time sorry I may sound that I am not Haitian but surely and certainly I am but my frustration has come to an end.Let the white man do his job as they claim that he is not haitian so he has been proven by it's person that he knows how to administrated and be a leader.

since all the past coup we have been through Martelli is the only president who stand, and strugling hard to keep his promess to the nation in a very short little time as president the man has travel to meet people that can help us. Mr preval made his five years terms, where did he ever go if he did travel what did he bring?

(feces)but president Martelli bring hope and success.

We the Diaspora love you and we will keep strongly our support to you and for you as said Doctor Martin Luther King. KEEP HOPE ALIVE you are not alone a million of us inside and outside are willing to come to Haiti to manifest to your Success.

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