Mr. Phoenix griffin, I know Duvalier still your best hope, not...

Monel - February 1 2012, 7:08 PM

Mr. Phoenix griffin, I know Duvalier still your best hope, not for Haiti, our country got its own hope, let Haiti move on the way you see it gonna be.
Bro, Duvalier is a monster, criminal and thieves etc. where are you now?

On the land or on another planet .you have to listen the voices of people, even simple citizen, civil's society, political parties, human rights organizations international or local, Canada,onu, except a little group like you who blood's thirsty thought Baby doc still a hope for Haiti, otherwise all the above that I've been mentioned lifted voices against former criminal dictator Jean Claude Duvalier.

mwen santi ou Gen yon ti san lach.who you're foocking scared, what you're afraid about you not going to Haiti to drop a plaint against Aristide, only you're hiding in some basement talking shi't about Aristide.

if you want I can help you to write down a complaint against Aristide if you've got evidence.

sispann ranse pote bouda ou anba menm Jan mwen 2, 3 fwa pa ane, pou al pote plint kont Aristide.

damn mottherfffockerr.

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Duvalier is still Haiti's best hope! He is not the...

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