Concern Citizen, I'm really appreciate the precision you...

Monel - January 31 2012, 7:10 PM

Concern Citizen, I'm really appreciate the precision you brought up in this debate, that's mean you turned the light on for us in that discussion.

I agree with you when you said the president can keep the case out of court under whatever loophole that's true, but in our constitution the president has prerogative only to amnesty anyone out from court before trial.

however, that prerogative is not in any cases, if the person in custody had crimes against humanity or manslaughter that's mean crimes against humans rights in those cases the president can do nothing, he has to wait after trial to pardon.

Now, a rule on the charges on former dictator Jean Claude Duvalier was finally delivered.The government's prosecutor Mr. CARVES JEAN, the judge who was responsible for investigating the former dictator's case had dropped all others crimes made by Jean Claude Duvalier and his allied, the judge only keep the corruption's charge and send baby doc to trial, now the president has constitutional's prerogative to amnesty, this amnesty can avoid baby doc go to trial.

Thanks concern citizen to bring the light on, sometimes people reacted without knowledge cause, I think you did a great job, keep going like that.

take care we talk soon.

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