And just how long is this "trial" supposed to go on for? Who...

Colette - January 31 2012, 3:34 PM

And just how long is this "trial" supposed to go on for?

Who gives a rat's ass anyway?

The guy is practically on his last legs, for all intents and purposes, and this is what the country is focused on?

Get a clue, will 'ya?

There are so many other wrongs which need to be rectified, just thinking about them all make my head hurt. I am so tired of reading about nonsense like this, and I don't even live there!! Imagine those who still do!!

Its getting hard to maintain any level of caring for my poor country.

Those with the power, are abusing it, yet again.

Those with any influence to make positive and effective changes, are either stuck in the quagmire of politics, or stymied by what appears to be futillity.

We just can't seem to get our act together; instead of taking care of the mess that still surrounds our people, TO THIS DAY, the "authorities" (deliberate sarcasm) are wasting time and money on this non-issue.

This man stepped into his father's oh so soiled shoes, and maintained the status quo. When he was caught, he was allowed to flee with the money belonging to Haiti.

Now, decades later, we're trying to get him on corruption charges?! Who's scamming who now?

I'm so done!

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